Timothy Crosley

Timothy Crosley

Open Source Evangelist


Since I was 8 years old I’ve been passionate about designing and developing software. I get joy out of solving problems in unique ways, and building solutions to enable others to reach their goals. This has lead me to create and contribute to many Open Source projects, such as hug, iSort and Jiphy, in everyone’s favorite language: Python. During the day, I work at DomainTools, where I’m helping to develop predictive security solutions on top of truly large data sets. I can’t resist a good craft beer, a locally brewed cup of coffee, a new board game, an arcade, or any food that contains peanut butter.

Talk: Using Python *for* Garbage Collection

One of the major things that my wife and I have looked for wherever we move is natural beauty and a good collection of public green space. So, when I walked by a park and creek reserve on the north end of our city, only to find more trash than green space, I was mortified. Working together with several individuals from Reddit we got the park to a reasonably clean state, removing over 400 gallons of trash. The experience made me realize, however, with over 480 parks, that as our city grew we needed a more self-sustaining solution to this problem.

After sharing the story on Reddit, one thing that struck me was how many people were eager and capable of physically helping with the problem but had insufficient supplies or funds, and how many people couldn’t physically help, but were eager to throw money at the problem. I’m not political, and I certainly don’t have the time or ability to clean up 480+ parks, but like many of you, I know how to throw some code together. So I decided to build a tool that would connect those individuals with the funds to help to those with the time and physical ability. This talk is about how I created that tool, which consists of REST API, Website, and Android/IOS application using only Python and Open Source technologies. Finally, it is about how all of us as programmers have the power to make a visibly positive impact in our community even from the comfort and familiarity of our keyboards.

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