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Todd Leonhardt
Todd Leonhardt Senior Cyber Engineer II Biography I am a professional software developer with 15 years experience developing embedded, desktop, and mobile applications in Python, C++, C, and Java. Talk: How to quickly build feature-rich interactive command-line applications with cmd2 cmd2 is a tool for building interactive command line applications in Python. Its goal is to...
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Sourabh Bajaj
Sourabh Bajaj Software Engineer Biography Sourabh is a software engineer at Google interested in Data Infrastructure and Machine Learning. He currently works on Tensorflow and Apache Beam. Prior to Google, he was part of the Data Science team at Coursera working on everything from Recommendation System to Data warehousing. Talk: Unified Batch and Stream Processing...
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Max Jackson
Max Jackson Software Engineer Biography Max Jackson is a software engineer at Hesperos Inc., a biotech startup based out of UCF. He helps fix brains when they break and extend them when they’re healthy. Talk: Your Brain on Python, Literally In the near future, when you get sick, you’ll be able to get treatment that’s...
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Ahmed Sherif
Ahmed Sherif Data Scientist Biography Ahmed Sherif has been working in the business intelligence field for over 10 years. He has both an engineering and a business background, which helped him in his first job as a data analyst. Understanding business needs and translating them into technical requirements became second nature. Ahmed started digging into...
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Maxcell Wilson
Maxcell Wilson Developer Evangelist Biography Prince is a developer evangelist over at Clarifai in New York City. Before that, Prince finished his degree in Computer Science with a focus in Security from the University of Central Florida. Prince loves to be able to give back to the community that inspired and supported him. One of...
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