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Miguel Tannous
Miguel Tannous Freelancer Biography I’m a Software Developer with experience in 3D Design and Game Development and I have a short story to share. Ever since I was young I’ve always loved music, but I wasn’t content to just listen to it - I wanted to make music, so I started playing the drums and...
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Timothy Crosley
Timothy Crosley Open Source Evangelist Biography Since I was 8 years old I’ve been passionate about designing and developing software. I get joy out of solving problems in unique ways, and building solutions to enable others to reach their goals. This has lead me to create and contribute to many Open Source projects, such as...
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Stacy Morse
Stacy Morse Python Programmer - Freelancer Biography Stacy Morse is a time traveling immortal who loves programming in Python and Django. She is a freelancer/contractor building web applications. She was also a speaker at PyCon Australia and as a result of that talk was invited to talk at the Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne. Previous...
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Kari Jordan
Kari L. Jordan Deputy Director of Assessment, Data Carpentry Biography Dr. Kari L. Jordan is the Director of Assessment for Data Carpentry, a non-profit organization that develops and teaches workshops on the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research. Dr. Jordan is an advocate for achieving equity in data science. Previously, Dr. Jordan was a...
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Craig Kerstiens
Craig Kerstiens Head of Cloud at Citus Data Biography I head up the Cloud team at @citusdata. Citus extends Postgres to be a horizontally scalable distributed database. If you have a database, especially Postgres, that needs to scale beyond a single node (typically at 100GB and up) would love to chat with you to see...
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