Maxcell Wilson

Maxcell Wilson

Developer Evangelist


Prince is a developer evangelist over at Clarifai in New York City. Before that, Prince finished his degree in Computer Science with a focus in Security from the University of Central Florida. Prince loves to be able to give back to the community that inspired and supported him. One of his most pleasurable projects he’s helped with is GitHub’s Open Source Friday to have resources for developers to give back to Open Source communities. Prince also helps guide the Diversity & Inclusion efforts at Clarifai and he supports organizations such as Out for Undergrad and Lesbians Who Tech. He also is absolutely fanatic about corgis and Disney.

Talk: Not For One But For All

Python is a booming language in the United States and finds itself integrated in practically every discipline involving software engineering. When new resources come out for us to develop better or faster we tend to forget that we build products for people who aren’t like us or who aren’t in situations like us. This is especially true of the web. In this talk, we will discuss how to increase our web apps accessibility through handy techniques and tools and how you can make use of the features of web frameworks like Flask or Django to make anyone coming to our spot on the Internet a bit more pleasant for everyone without it costing much more time.

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