Max Jackson

Max Jackson

Software Engineer


Max Jackson is a software engineer at Hesperos Inc., a biotech startup based out of UCF. He helps fix brains when they break and extend them when they’re healthy.

Talk: Your Brain on Python, Literally

In the near future, when you get sick, you’ll be able to get treatment that’s been personally tailored to your exact situation. This is possible thanks to the “Body-on-a-Chip”, an emerging field of study in which human cells with your genetic material are grown into a miniature system that mimics the function of every major organ in your body.

These little systems generate a lot of data, and Python is a great way to gain insight into what these systems are doing and how they’re responding to a treatment. Data from the “brain” of these systems, a “brain-on-a-chip” made from real human neurons, is some of the most challenging and exciting data that there is to analyze. We can gain insight into how these brain cells are ‘talking’ to each other and how they’re reorganizing themselves, and how their ability to do these things changes under different conditions. These insights can help guide treatment decisions, give understanding into the basic nature of the brain in general, and open up exciting new opportunities for technologies that sound like they’re from science fiction.

This beginner-friendly talk will walk you through how it’s done, from getting the raw data to the final analysis, highlighting how everyone’s favorite language makes the whole endeavor a breeze.

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