Doug Faist

Doug Faist



Doug has over 30 years experience working in technology and is currently Director of Enterprise Architecture at Discover, providing leadership and direction to individuals across all technology domains across the company. Doug started his career in desktop support and has taken many roles leading teams that redefined telephony, built company LAN and desktop systems, built datacenters, and re-architected a large data warehouse. Currently Doug is driving a modernization strategy across the company, changing the way applications are architected and deployed.

Talk: Stand Out

If you can code your way out of a paper bag (or even if you can’t) and want to differentiate yourself in an organization, you can. Come and learn tips that can help you to Stand Out in your organization. These tips can help you successfully lead changes big or small, or simply improve your ability to get people to listen to your suggestions. All of these can help you to Stand Out in your organization.

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