Cassandra R Wilcox

Cassandra R Wilcox

CEO at Code Hangar


Cassandra Wilcox is a front-end developer and founder of Code Hangar, an app development company based in Orlando, FL. She shares her passion for science and technology as a Girls Who Code Instructor, Organizer of the Orlando Lady Developers Group, JavaScript Instructor at Skillcrush, and Chapter Leader of Girl Develop It Orlando. When she’s not building or teaching tech, she likes to write songs and collaborate on various musical projects with friends.

Talk: Feminism & Functional Programming: When Paradigms Shift

Today, developers play a bigger role than ever in shaping culture. Often, those who don’t identify with the people who create a culture, don’t have power within that culture. This is why diversity in tech is so important. I’ll talk about controversial topics like feminism & functional programming…

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