Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson

Project Manager


My background is in electrical engineering, material, and analytical sciences. Spent 15 years working in R&D laboratories; previously worked on Delta, Atlas, and Titan inertial guidance systems, ground speed radar, radar level gauges, Near Object Detection systems, adaptive cruise control, and large-scale, high-speed data acquisition & control systems. I recently made a career change and have been working as a PMO manager within the government sector, rescuing projects and attempting to introduce newer technology, innovation, and cultural change. Regardless of the particular industry or my role within the organization, there has always been a need to efficiently, reliably, and accurately extract, transform, process & analyze data. As a result, I enjoy exploring and experimenting with new methods to allow people to spend more time using data to solve problems rather than wrestling with getting it from point A to point B and munging it into a usable state.

Talk: The JSON Transformations Project

In 2017 there is structured data everywhere, and new data sources emerge each day. There are lots of Python tools for processing this data: Analytics, statistics, visualization, natural language processing, machine learning, etc. But recent experiments have demonstrated that there are untapped opportunities for innovation in new methods of providing users quick access to these disparate data sources, transforming that data, and streaming it into the wealth of existing Python tools. This talk will discuss some of those opportunities and demonstrate related, lesser-known, yet valuable community-based Python tools that have just recently emerged and are now available for free.

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