Florida PyCon is almost here!

Hello Python Enthusiasts!

We’re only 3 days away from the First Annual Florida PyCon! The excitement is through the roof around here – we can’t wait to see you all!

Preparations are coming to a close as we ramp up for FLPY day, and I wanted to take a moment to share some details about this inaugural event to ensure that your conference experience is best in class.

Address and Entrance

The venue is located at 101 S Garland Ave #104, Orlando, FL 32801. Enter through the Iron Yard, on Pine Street – look for the orange snake!


Park either in the lot directly across Pine Street from the venue, or in the 55 West Parking Garage, 60 W Pine St, Orlando, FL 32801.

Contact Info

If you need directions or have questions leading up to the event or day-of, reach out to hello@flpy.org or casey@flpy.org.

App Info

We have an awesome app made by our friends at Code Hangar! Download it for iOS or Android

Grab the app so you always have a schedule handy. You can access talk descriptions, check what’s for lunch, create your own personal schedule and take notes on talks, all in offline mode! Just download on Wifi and then take your FLPyCon experience into your own hands.


Enter through the Iron Yard off of Pine Street. You’ll find the registration booth in the main area, where you can pick up your badge, swagbag and shirt before heading across the center atrium to Canvs to fuel up with coffee and breakfast.


8:00 AM Check in

We will have Panera Breakfast with coffee (what’s a conference without coffee??) over in Canvs. So come on down and get to know everyone! Enter through the Iron Yard – Look for the orange snake 😀

9:00 AM – Opening Keynote

Gather in PowerDMS on the third floor for the organizer team welcome and our opening keynote on Software Craftsmanship!

10:00 AM – Tracks open

You’ll find the Web track in Canvs, the Data track in PowerDMS, and speaker’s choice in the Iron Yard.

12:00 PM – Lunch + Lightning Talks!

Grab some Jersey Mike’s Subs, drinks, and assorted desserts while listening to (or giving) some lightning talks! To submit a lightning talk, have something to talk about and write your name on the signup paper in the Iron Yard. That’s it – you get 5 minutes, so make the best of it!

1:20 PM – Talks Resume

During this time, choose between all three tracks and a three hour workshop on Building Your First Django App, in Canvs near the Web track room.

3:10 PM – 20 Minute Break

Catch your breath, maybe make some dinner plans, and refuel for the close of the talks

5:30 PM – Closing Keynote

Gather Again in PowerDMS for our closing keynote on how Python can be used to solve the world’s problems!

6:00 PM – Bar Slither

Join your new best PyCon friends in a tour of the city’s best local bars, all within walking distance of the venue.

We cannot wait to see you. The road to FL PyCon has been one of hard work, dodging hurricanes and hunting for the cutest snake gifs, and the team is so excited for you to come take part in this inaugural event. A huge thank you to our sponsors for providing the resources we needed to get this event off the ground; a huge thanks to all our amazing speakers, for jumping at the chance to share their expertise at a brand new conference, and a huge thanks to you, for your support and excitement. FLPyCon is what we make it, so let’s make it awesome.

Ssssee you Ssssaturday!

The Florida PyCon Team
Casey Faist – Executive Director
Erin Denton – Communications Chair
Michael duPont – Program Director
Vanessa Eaton – Finance Chair

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